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Mission Statement – MASPAN President

As a founding member of MASPAN, it is a dream come true for me to see maritime security practitioners come together under one umbrella to engender good practice and support the efforts of Government security agencies in providing a safe and secure maritime domain.

Our waters in Nigeria and the entire Gulf of Guinee (GoG) have seen a tremendous rise in insecurity over the last decade. The year 2020 recorded the highest number of attacks on merchant ships with a significant number of crew kidnappings, extending up to 150nm from the coastline. This trend has resulted in grave psychological trauma on seafarers and their families, a rise in the cost of shipping and massive disruption of shipping architecture, affecting the GDP of the maritime states of GoG.

The Nigerian government and the entire GoG members have responded with measures in various ways. Also, the international community (through the European Union, United States and other non-regional states) have lent some form of support to address these insecurities in GoG.

As seen in many instances, private sector partners play a critical role in supporting state actors to enforce security measures and this can be seen in several past and ongoing arrangements made by the Nigerian Government through several agencies to which MASPAN members play a critical role. For MASPAN, the aim to “provide a professional platform to support national security effort as it pertains to the maritime space as well as enhance maritime security education and synergy among maritime security providers and practitioners” is geared towards supporting Nigeria’s Blue Economy into becoming the Maritime Hub for West Africa.

Under my direction and with the support of the current Executives, MASPAN will realize its mandate of becoming a strong organization with adequate capacity to inspire the public and private sectors in delivering a safe, secure, and cost-effective maritime domain in Nigeria and Africa

To achieve these aims and objectives, and drive Nigeria towards a successful Blue Economy, this leadership is on a mission to:

  1. Review drawbacks faced by members in carrying out their business activities of providing seamless, cost-effective, and efficient services to shipping.
  2. Harness its membership potential to promote cooperation between government agencies responsible for the safety and security of our water and private maritime security practitioners.
  3. Stimulate discussions centred around strengthening both legal and operational capabilities of the Nigerian Navy as per her mandate.
  4. Support Nigeria on a journey to achieving, ‘Maritime Hub’ status, through the promotion of high standards in maritime security practice.
  5. Enhance members’ and industry adoption of best practices by organizing maritime educational seminars, enhancing public-private sector partnerships, and supporting the Nigerian Navy, and designated authorities, especially NIMASA, to deliver Nigeria’s Blue Economy as the Maritime Hub in Africa.

At MASPAN, we understand that a journey to a successful maritime domain starts with cost-effective services delivered safely and securely. And on this, we hope to become the Maritime-Hub for West Africa.

Emmanuel Maiguwa G. (MSc. Security Studies, WMU/PGD. Marine Insurance, Law & Practice, MTBM, Lloyd’s Ship Supt, Lloyds MARSEC, IFSM, CILT, MInstTA)


E-mail: president@maspan.org.ng | Web: www.maspan.org.ng

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